B22 to E27 statement conversion light bulb cap product recall at Dunelm.


A barcode of 5022822192669

Article feature including: 30466307

In accordance International standards authority Ltd based in the UK.

They are issuing a recall of products with the code B22TOE27LCC, bringing all questionable products with the label B22 all the way to E27 in the converting cap bulbs to be removed for electronic shocks. 

As they are risking severe injury when coming into direct contact with the product.

Make sure to cut the electrical supply to the item to be sure it is turned off before removing. 

Only applies to B22 to E27 products investigated above. All information about queries can be resolved with the International UK status Ltd for help.

Feel free to call 01274 852200 for all the details.

Dunelm apologises for the inconvenience caused. 

What can you do now?

If you have bought an item, make sure to have it delivered to the store of which was sold for a complete refund of price paid.

Fault addressed on: 9th November 2021.

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